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Dimuth Siritunga

Educación: Ph.D., 2002, The Ohio State University
Especialidad: Biología Molecular
Oficina: B-048
Tel: 787-832-4040 ext. 3113
Fax: 787-834-3673
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Intereses de Educación
Responsible for teaching the following courses: Biol 3300 (Genetics),Biol 4039 (Plant Biotechnology) and Biol 5018 (Plant Physiology)
Intereses de Investigación
Our research focuses on using molecular biology tools and tissue culture techniques to study plants. One project in the lab studies the environmental influence on the expression level of genes in the cyanogenic glucoside synthesis, breakdown and re-assimilation pathways of cassava. Similar quantitative study is also being conducted to measure the expression levels of the same genes between different cassava varieties that naturally contain low, medium and high levels of cyanide, respectively. A newly identified gene of the cyanide re-assimilation pathway is the focus of another project which aims to simultaneously reduce cyanogen content and increase the protein level in cassava using transgenic strategies. We are also exploring the function of this novel gene in Arabidopsis thaliana as well. Another main research focus of the lab is the use of SSR molecular markers to assess the genetic diversity of Puerto Rican cassava germplasm. This germplasm is being analyzed for its diversity as well as their relationship to known varieties from Central and South America, Africa and Asia.
Publicaciones Recientes ( Ver Todas )
• Montero, M., Ortiz, M., Beaver, J. and Siritunga, D. 2013. Genetic, Morphological and Cyanogen Content Evaluation of a New Collection of Caribbean Lima Bean (Phaseolus lunatus L.) Landraces, Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution (accepted)
Siritunga, D., Navas, V. and Diffoot, N. 2012. Enhancing Hispanic Minority Undergraduates’ Botany laboratory experiences: Implementation of an inquiry-based plant tissue culture module exercise. International Education Studies
Zidenga, T., Leyva-Guerrero, E., Moon, H, Siritunga, D. and Sayre, R. 2012. Extending cassava root shelf life via reduction of reactive oxygen species production. Plant Physiology 159:1-13
Failla, M., Chitchumroonchokchai, C., Siritunga, D., De Moura, F., Fregene, M., Manary, M. and Sayre, R. 2012. Retention during Processing and Bioaccessibility of β-Carotene in High β-Carotene Transgenic Cassava Root, Journal of Agric. Food Chem
Salcedo, A. and Siritunga, D. 2011. Insights into the Physiological, Biochemical and Molecular Basis of Postharvest Deterioration in Cassava (Manihot esculenta) Roots, American Journal of Experimental Agriculture, 1(4): 414-431
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