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Carlos Ríos Velázquez

Educación: Full Professor, 2001 PostDoc NIH; Ph.D., 2000, UW-Madison, 1993 M.S. Biol, 1989 BS Indus. Microbiol. & Lic. Sec. Educ,UPR-M;
Especialidad: Microbiología
Oficina: B-267, B-266
Tel: 787-832-4040 ext. 2874, 3944, 3040 (Biotech)
Curriculum Vitae
GeMS of Puerto Rican Soils
Intereses de Educación
We have performed educational research based on developing novel strategies to engage students into research as well as generating or design activities to teach and active involve students in emerging disciplines such as GeoMicrobiology, metagenmics, and Synthetic Biology among others. We have recently been involved in bringing the seconday school into our classroom at the University and vice-versa by adopting schools in the area and allowing the students in the class to generate manipulatives that can serve of educational tools and secondary schools at the same time they apply what they have learned in class.
Intereses de Investigación
Our research laboratory is focused on Microbial Biotechnology and Bioprospecting. In order to isolate, characterize and manipulate microbes with biotechnological potential, we specially use microbiology, molecular biology, and biochemical approaches. We are also involved in generating metagenomic libraries from tropical habitats, searching for novel microbial groups and enzymatic activities of medical and industrial applications. The lab expertise range from the used of genetic engineering tools for DNA isolation, manipulation, and analysis, to the used of functional proteomics technologies such as phage display for the development of bioindicators. The majority of the research projects in our lab will generate nucleic acids of some sort (genes), and metabolites that will require the in silico analysis
Reconocimientos Recientes
May 24, 2012, Dr. Arturo L. Carrión Award, Given by the Puerto Rico Microbiology Society. Distinguishing the humanism, integrity, and passion for the profession, as well as the contribution for research in the Microbiology Field, and education in science at all levels.
Sep 17, 2009, MERCK Health Innovation Award 2009, Category of Education, as Adjunt member of the University Institute for the Community Development. "Vinculando la educación y el servicio comunitario en equipo hacia la autogestión"
Mar 22, 2009, Premio Herminio Lugo Lugo, Awarded by the Beta Beta Beta Honor Society distinguing the research, the education, and the promotion of scientific activity among the students as well as bringing support to the Tribetas
Publicaciones Recientes ( Ver Todas )
Padilla-Jiménez, A.C; W. Ortiz-Rivera; C. Rios-Velazquez; I. Vazquez-Ayala, and S.P. Hernández-Rivera. 2014. Detection and discrimination of microorganisms on various substrates with quantum cascade laser spectroscopy. Optical Engineering 53(6), 061611-01 – 061611-10.
Ríos-Velázquez, C., W. J. Frey, E. Jaramillo-Giraldo, and M. Echeverry-Solarte. 2013. Accepting the Likelihood of Ambiguity and Disagreement on Moral Matters. Transitioning into the “Gray World”. Teaching Ethics. 13:55-72. DOI: 10.5840/tej20131324.
Padilla-Jiménez A.C., Ortiz-Rivera W., Castro-Suarez J.R., Ríos-Velázquez C., Vázquez-Ayala I., Hernández-Rivera S.P. 2013. Microorganisms Detection on Substrates using QCL Spectroscopy. Proc SPIE. 8710:871019-1 – 871019-12.
Rios-Velazquez, C., L.L. Williamson, K.A. Cloud-Hansen, H.K. Allen, M.D. McMahon, Z.L. Sabree, J.J. Donato, and J. Handelsman. 2011. Summer workshop in metagenomics: one week plus eight students equals gigabases of cloned DNA. Journal of Microbiology Biology Education. DOI: 10.1128/jmbe.v12i2.177.
Hilsamar Félix-Rivera , Roxannie González, Gabriela Del Mar Rodríguez, Oliva M. Primera-Pedrozo, Carlos Ríos-Velázquez, and Samuel P. Hernández-Rivera, “Improving SERS Detection of Bacillus thuringiensis Using Silver Nanoparticles Reduced with Hydroxylamine and with Citrate Capped Borohydride,” International Journal of Spectroscopy, vol. 2011, Article ID 989504, 9 pages, 2011. doi:10.1155/2011/989504
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